Built between 1528 and 1543, this impressive residence is inspired by the Renaissance style. It was on Seneschal of Lorraine, Jean d’Haussonville’s command that the construction started. However he never saw it finished.
The first occupant was his son Balthazar, Governor of Nancy and Grand Master of the ducal Hotel.
Contrasting from the sober facades of the Streets, the courtyard has a rich decor punctuated by the openplan galleries.
The carved door at the bottom of the square tower came from a house in the rue Saint-Michel.
The motif carved  in the Wood is an architectural trompe-l’oeil which is directly inspired by the collections of Italian architect Alberti.
The  decorative pattern of the first floor gallery is Gothic-inspired, whereas that of second floor is Renaissance inspired.
The Hotel d’Haussonville is classified “historic Monument” since 1982.